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Article: Natural Oryx Gemsbok Leather Range by Brando Leather

Natural Oryx Gemsbok Leather Range by Brando Leather

Natural Oryx Gemsbok Leather Range by Brando Leather

Brando Leather is back in business after 9 weeks of lockdown and we’ve had a long time to sit and look at the different leather ranges that we have available.

From our leather business bags to our leather backpacks and sling bags, and not to forget our popular leather wallets, we have a lot of awesome styles to talk about.

Oryx ( Gemsbok ) leather range:

One of our favourite ranges is our Brando Leather one of a kind Oryx leather range which consists of a crossbody, backpack, duffel, front crossover, messenger, waist bag and wallets.

The Oryx leather comes from the magnificent migratory antelope called the Gemsbok or Oryx. The Oryx leather hides are strong, supple and soft to touch.

This leather is sourced from the Namibian desert and procurement of these leather hides are managed responsibly. We also use a blend of hemp and cotton lining which is a durable and sustainable addition to the Oryx products.

In this unique leather luxury range we have the following items:

Oryx Leather Duffel  (style 3210 )

This little beauty is a must-have leather duffel. It’s a perfect size for that overnight stay or to impress your mates in the locker room.

Oryx Leather Front Crossover (style 3211) 

The front crossover is a cooler version of the trendy leather waist bag. It has so many pockets and zips for all your accessories, perfect to cruise around hands-free.

Oryx Leather Cross Body bag (style 3212)

What can I say about this leather crossbody? It’s a winner. Plain compact but tells everyone you have arrived. Like a boss!

Oryx Leather Waist Bag ( style 3213)

This leather waist bag is Brando classic. Brando Leather has been doing this style for over 20 years and it’s come in and out of fashion multiple times. The leather waist bag is currently a great addition to your going out the pack as it keeps everything you need in one compact bag with 5 different zip compartments.  Festival-goers love this one!

Oryx Leather Messenger (style 3214)

I love this leather messenger. Imagine arriving at your meeting on a café racer sporting this cool casual messenger. Picture that. Say no more!

Oryx range of wallets and cardholders (various styles)

When it comes to leather wallets and leather cardholders Brando Leather has been around the block. For years we have perfected the different styles that we South Africans love. We have something for everyone. Fat, thin, compact, flat, we have it all. (This range of leather wallets also comes in the darker brown impala hides.)

So now you see why this is one of our favourite ranges. It is unique, different and has a little of everything we love in leather. Brando Leather is proud of this one!

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