Ian Haddow - May 28 2020

Father's Day 2020 Gift Ideas

The Brando team were discussing Father's Day 2020 luxury gift ideas. Turns out our leather range is ideal for that special Dad. Every year we stumble and wonder what would be that perfect gift. You have got a few weeks left until we celebrate our awesome Fathers so here's our list on the top gift ideas for this year's Father's Day!

Brando Father's Day gift ideas are always a winner and it makes it easy for you to choose according to your budget. Let's go through the list together.

2020 Father's Day Gift Ideas

A leather jacket - Our genuine leather jackets are crafted with the best tools and top-notch material to ensure its long-lasting ability. One of the qualities of a leather jacket is its high-durability. A timeless piece which gets better as they age.

Brando Leather Brown Leather Jacket
A leather briefcase - As we mentioned, leather lasts. Some of our busy dads are still using their briefcases from 5 years ago. Maybe it's time to consider an upgrade.

Brando brown leather briefcase fathers day blog Jacket
A leather travel bag - Some Dads travel a lot. By air or land, it doesn't matter because they still need to pack. Help them speed up the process of packing with a long-lasting and space-efficient leather travel bag. 

Brando Leather Brown leather duffel bag fathers day blog
A leather backpack - Surprise your special Dad with our special backpacks. Brando's compact-yet-spacious backpacks are highly convenient for those that are always on-the-go. You can be sure that these leather backpacks will hold everything you need for the workday.

Brando Leather Brown leather backpack fathers day blog
A leather gents bag - Gents bags are the lighter, less-spacious counterpart to briefcases or messenger bags. Instead of carrying a laptop everywhere, these bags primarily carry notebooks, iPads, tablets, pens and can be your Dad's wallet at the same time. 

Brando Leather Brown leather gents bag with top handle fathers day blog
And of course, a leather wallet - When was the last time your Dad changed his wallet? A year ago, 3 years ago? Five? Lots of men use their wallets until they're only being held together by a single seam. Brando wallets take out the "bulkiness" of generic wallets whilst keeping the style as fresh and clean as possible. There's so many options to different types of wallets such as cardholders, bi-folds, money clips and more!

Brando Leather Brown leather wallet fathers day blog

Make it even more special this year

Instead of just buying Dad a bag or wallet, why not personalise the product? We're offering the feature to add initials and personalise the wallet or bag that you're looking to buy as a gift. Add Dad's initials to his gift and he'll never stop using it.

Personalising your product makes it even more impactful and special. 

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Once you've decided which gift to get for Dad's special day, simply add the "Personalise Your Product" item to your cart, make sure you've chosen the right personalisation for the right product and that you've added his initials. Once that's done, you can proceed to checkout!

photo taken by @neonbrand

Our personal pick - Winter is rolling in and the timing couldn't be better to pick out one of our newly released leather jackets. Available in black & brown.

Pick Dad a new jacket that he'll be wearing every time he needs to go out to pick up some groceries, tools, or if he just needs to step out for some fresh air.


Lamb Brown Mandarin Russel Leather Jacket

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