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Article: The Slimline Range by Brando Leather

The Slimline Range by Brando Leather

The Slimline Range by Brando Leather

Every couple of years trends change and we at Brando Leather try keep up with them. We have noticed customers asking for more flatter wallets and card holders and we have now introduced a slimline leather wallet range in our leather products.

Leather fans are always looking for something different and we have what they are looking for in this new slimline leather range. Most of us are paying by zapper or snapscan these days or using one debit card to tap for everything. Coins? What’s that? Oh yes , those round things we used to get as change that filled up your wallet and made it bulge and break.These days we don’t even have to carry around our store and loyalty cards because we store them on an app on our smart phone.

With all the above trends in mind we decide to come out with a small leather wallet and leather cardholder range to suit most preferences.

The leather wallet and cardholder range in detail:

Style 0839 Slimline RFID Billfold Leather wallet

This leather wallet is not a new style for us, we have been ahead of the trend for sometime on this one. It has space for cards notes, has an inner zip to hide whatever you need to hide and it does have an outer zip where you can put a coin or two to pay that car guard. RFID lining included for your protection.

Style 2001 Slimline RFID Flat Billfold Leather wallet

 A leather wallet this thin in our leather is ideal for those who want to only carry a note or two, few cards and no coins. Perfect for your pocket. It sports a contactless card window and RFID lining for your protection.

Style 2002 Slimline RFID Upright Card and Billfold Leather Wallet

This little leather wallet is a beauty . Compact enough for a few cards, notes and has a small zip compartment on the back for anything you want to store. Put this into your pocket and it wont be seen. Pull it out your pocket and your mates will be in envy!



Style 2003 RFID Leather Cardholder with magnetic moneyclip

Love the styling of this leather cardholder. Just have a look at this piece and you will understand why. The branding , the lines, the curves, say no more! Space for your cards, licence and the strong magnetic clip to hold your folded notes. Awesome!

Style 6016 Slimline RFID Leather Cardholder

The minimalist RFID Leather cardholder for those no nonsense leather fan straight shooter . Holds cards both sides and you can even fold a note up and hide it in the top slot. Also has the RFID lining for extra protection.

There it is. The slimline leather wallet and cardholder range. We had fun putting this one together because we also prefer to have that slim wallet hidden in your pocket. Check these items out online or find them in one of the wallet stores near you.

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