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About Brando

Timelessness is powerful & rare... Good thing we keep it in stock.

For over a decade, Brando has been creating leather products with one goal in mind: Quality with Service.

Every premium and bespoke item carrying the Brando badge is a tangible manifestation of our credo.  

Working together with leather producers across the world, we've achieved a blend of comfort and class without ever compromising on workmanship.

Contemporary and young at heart, he does not go with the flow but rather lives life based on what matters most to him. He is quietly confident. Instead of making his presence known, he makes his presence felt.

He does not seek acceptance from anyone but lives to experience the fullness of life through self-discovery. Always ready to take the next big step, because the difference between striving and settling is showing no fear of the edge go your ability.

“To push boundaries, you need to know where the edges are.”

The Legacy of a Pathfinder.

A man striving for his own definition of success, he believes it’s not the destination but rather the journey that matters most.

What makes him unique, gives him an edge over everybody else.