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Article: How to Choose the Right Men's Leather Wallet For You

How to Choose the Right Men's Leather Wallet For You

How to Choose the Right Men's Leather Wallet For You

The panache of a modern and complete man is being accommodating in own vibrant style. A man in quench to look perfect does invest his time and efforts in selecting his apt wardrobe and accessories, the very same way he would strive to acquire a perfect wallet which is also in extension of his wholesome personality. The choice of wallet does add a lasting impression on others perception of you and choice of wallet has to be in proper fit with modern styling world. The choice of wallet does involve keeping in mind few things about the leather fabric, its construction, the turnover (bend) of the wallets along with pleated corners. There are numerous collection of men leather wallets and here is the guide to how chose it?

There’s an ocean of men’s wallet styles on the market, each with their own use. The classic bi-folds and tri-folds are a go-to, all-round choice for every day. Zip-around styles are useful if you need something more secure for the contents of your wallet. And then there are travel wallets; while not ideal for everyday use, they’re a must-have when you travel to keep essential items all together – especially if you’re going with kids or perhaps a forgetful colleague! So, the question becomes: How do you choose the right wallet for you?

First, think about what you absolutely need in your wallet. Do you NEED all those store cards, membership cards and receipts? Cutting down on the bulk can really free up your choices and allow you to downsize to a slimmer design. If you’re a true minimalist, a Brando Money Clip or Carholder is just for you. It holds your cash and a few cards in an ultra-slim design. Maybe you need to keep track of receipts for work and expenses at home, but still want that streamlined style. If this is the case consider a Slim Wallet, one that can still hold what you need but keeps the bulk at bay.

Second, choose a wallet that reflects your style. Bi-folds are simple and elegant. They’ll look as good with a Suit as they would with Casual jeans and a t-shirt. Brando's classic Men’s Leather Wallet is perfect to slip inside your pocket with its minimalist style and slim design.

Tri-folds are seen as trendier, for the guy who likes to have everything in its right place. The design tends to be more voluminous than a bi-fold to accommodate cash, cards, coins and an ID window but sacrifices nothing in terms of practicality or personal style. Brando's Men’s Dakota Tri-fold Leather Wallet is a smart and compact style new for this season, and it could just be the only men’s leather wallet you’ll need.


The most traditional and simple types of wallets options for men would be billfolds which comprise of 2 basic kinds: bi-fold and tri-fold. These classics wallets would be associated with people who are close knitted with years of professional travel and work and spend most of the time in office. Quite often made of leather, these wallets have myriad functional uses for bills, cards and receipts. It adds value to the gentleman look for the man.

Super slim wallets

Qualified functionality and capacity hold only to few cards, these super slim wallets are great way to keep your wallet to minimum. They do give hidden or not present impression in your pockets which adds to its sleek made. Cutting on bulk of its capacity and hold, it is typically made from leather but making sure it maintains its necessary usability. Keeping up with its sleek shape, it is a well-crafted option for classic billfolds.


Travel wallets.

These kinds of wallets are for short and long haul types of travelers. Naturally, stitched and crafted for carrying more stuff, it is most essential accessory for traveler. Holds equipped to hold passport and other forms of identification which are necessary for traveler, these wallets are aesthetically made to occupy and fit in all these stuff. Waterproof and tamper resistant, these wallets make sure their content in hold are kept safe and tamper free. Certainly, not fit for daily use, but a pivotal part of traveler’s kit.

Money Clips

Money clips resemble simplicity incarnate. The most easy and precise way to carry few bills and cards around, they feel fit in suit’s jacket or formal pant pockets. Abundantly, available in variety of fabrics like classic leather to steel, they form to be in quite a lot of aesthetics designs, giving flair to your look. Online leather wallets and bags collection gives a vast array of choices for all ages.


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