Are you excited for Summer 2021 & New Beginnings?

Here comes the sun everyone! Which means its finally time to emerge from your cocoon of duvets, or cave and watch as mother nature wakes up and revitalises our fresh earth. So get ready to toss aside that hot water bottle, shake off those boots and embrace the hotter weather with some hot new wardrobe updates, courtesy of Brando Leather South Africa.

South Africa is famous for its sunshine. Leather ages according to its environment so in wet & humid weather, the leather will age to be more flexible, whereas in dry & hot areas; the leather will be more tight & sturdy developing a unhoned appearance.  


Featuring Tan Leather backpacks, lightweight Travel Wallets and stylish cross-body bags in bright, saturated hues, Brando's new spring range promises to keep you hands-free and breezy as you mingle, meander and munch melon in the sun.  

These summer stunners have already hit our website in early October so what are you waiting for? Go check out our new Cooper Leather collection!  

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